The Mist

As the sun went down the shadows came…

Invading the space and her mind….


As she reaches the shore,one living soul was there…

She was left behind.. Alone with all the demons…


As she realizes there’s no rescue, no one to call,a strange mist starts to surround her…

The air becomes yellow and the shadows get closer…



“Is there still time to escape?” She wonders,,, And starts running!


HAIR- Maitreya Apple II – Ash Blond
Dress- Gor Gets Slinky RED from Gor Gurls
Skin from -al vulo- Astrea*  60’s chic old TDR
Belt-PFC~Role Belt – Voodoo (brown)
Cloak  is part of the [TGW] Riki Outfit
Armers, Bracers  and Backpack part of !CD Season of the Witch  Summer
Sandals- Old Item from Pixel Mode Xandi Gladiator Sandals – White
[theSkinnery] Elongated Puki Ears elf
Slink Fingernails



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