The Hunter

As a preparing to all the 25L Tuesdays goodies that will come tomorrow, i wanted to show you *May’s Soul* elven pants. 

Its already in place and in tons of colors! A must have to all elves and creatures that hunt! And wear pants for that matter!!:D

For all skin lovers Lara HurleyGervaise/Pale is a must have! Highly detailed and its FREE!!Comes with some appliers too!!

Last but not least, i grabbed at Apple May Designs  this amazing  low price deal! The Southern Bell Tops – Black its only 25L available until 5/28!! 

And now for some RP activity… 🙂


So Eloen went hunting….Her bow on the hand,her eyes gazing the forest with extreme attention..

Hours passed but no deer,no rabbit,no pray at all!


She returns home, empty handed…

She may need to order food! Grrr… When is a medieval restaurant when an elf needs one?!? 😀




HAIR-“”D!va”” Hair “Mana” (Type A)(Cat’s eye) Group Gift
-“”D!va”” more than 15000 group member celebration gift-
Top- Apple May Designs – Southern Bell Tops – Black

Corset- *OAL* Bette Corset XS Harvest- Gacha item
Pants – Elven pants red  25LTuesday item from *May’s Soul* 
Skin from Lara Hurley-Gervaise/Pale- Group Gift
[theSkinnery] Elongated Puki Ears elf
Slink Fingernails and flat Feet
PFC~Ottoman Quiver (black)

[Teri]otrope Forest Armor Armor in RED at FGC 
Frogstar – Marauder’s Circlet at FGC 
+ Mage Cloak Red + {aii} at FGC 
-DRD- GOT Dragonegg necklaces old gacha gift

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