Free Time

Eloen walked near the water, gazing its movements… Her mind was away, her heart beat sang a melody of freedom and joy.. She was free!



So she takes her tambourine and dances!

Her body is glowing with  the joy of liberation and her hair moves around her face creating a beautiful weave halo…


As she gets tired, she seats there…. Contemplating the sky..Until the sun goes down…


And her free day is over…


HAIR-little bones. Les Garçons at The Chapter Four
Skin from Essences – Siggy at TDR and Slink Appliers (not included)
Dress by Luas *LUAS SEPPIA* From the 30L Saturday Event 
Tambourine from [PPK] (with animation)
Bracers from a i s l i n g  . Fangarth in Gold at FGC
 Pure Poison -Fantasy Feet in Gold at FGC
Headband from  .:Glow Designs:. Free Group Gift
Leg Dagger Brown from Forge at FGC
Slink Fingernails and flat Feet



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