30L Faun

Today i’m showing an amazing deal from Kei-Spot, for the 30L Saturday Event!!

I decided it was time that the Faun in me came out and played too!


I added a great group gift from [PUMEC], this lovely skin, that comes with tons of appliers and tones of brows.

I suggest a lil trip to the store because there’s more skins as group gifts!

I love the sun-kissed tone and the luscious lips they all have.

I’m amazed with the generosity of the owner in giving skins with all appliers!



Last but not least go say Goodbye this round of FGC!!







HAIR- Miss C. – Ness_Mocha
Outfit-Kei’s Shapeshifter (brown)from Kei-Spot
Top- *{Junbug}*  Plain Leather Chestpiece
Skin from – [PUMEC] Group Gift- .:MILA:.- Summer
Bracer and Leg Flowers *Sweet Kajira* Melide at FGC
[AX] Ram Horns (Plane) Normal at FGC
Head Piece From lassitude & ennui Spring headwrap (part of horn set)
Slink Fingernails

The Mist

As the sun went down the shadows came…

Invading the space and her mind….


As she reaches the shore,one living soul was there…

She was left behind.. Alone with all the demons…


As she realizes there’s no rescue, no one to call,a strange mist starts to surround her…

The air becomes yellow and the shadows get closer…



“Is there still time to escape?” She wonders,,, And starts running!


HAIR- Maitreya Apple II – Ash Blond
Dress- Gor Gets Slinky RED from Gor Gurls
Skin from -al vulo- Astrea*  60’s chic old TDR
Belt-PFC~Role Belt – Voodoo (brown)
Cloak  is part of the [TGW] Riki Outfit
Armers, Bracers  and Backpack part of !CD Season of the Witch  Summer
Sandals- Old Item from Pixel Mode Xandi Gladiator Sandals – White
[theSkinnery] Elongated Puki Ears elf
Slink Fingernails


25LTuesday deal

Hi all!

Every Tuesdays all role-players need to check the 25L Tuesdays list.

You can find great deals, from furniture to dresses and so much more for only 25L.

Today i found a soft pastel dress that much be added to my inventory!


Richly detailed  and with the perfect length to show your boots(that come included!) and available several tons!


I immediately imagined a princess,alone in her castle, waiting for Prince Charming…




Dress- *WT* Mariela Brown

Crown- Astaroth Crown Golden Gacha Item from Luas
Skin from Belleza Leila Arcade 6- Past Gacha Item from Arcade 
[theSkinnery] Elongated Puki Ears elf
Slink Fingernails 

The Hunter

As a preparing to all the 25L Tuesdays goodies that will come tomorrow, i wanted to show you *May’s Soul* elven pants. 

Its already in place and in tons of colors! A must have to all elves and creatures that hunt! And wear pants for that matter!!:D

For all skin lovers Lara HurleyGervaise/Pale is a must have! Highly detailed and its FREE!!Comes with some appliers too!!

Last but not least, i grabbed at Apple May Designs  this amazing  low price deal! The Southern Bell Tops – Black its only 25L available until 5/28!! 

And now for some RP activity… 🙂


So Eloen went hunting….Her bow on the hand,her eyes gazing the forest with extreme attention..

Hours passed but no deer,no rabbit,no pray at all!


She returns home, empty handed…

She may need to order food! Grrr… When is a medieval restaurant when an elf needs one?!? 😀




HAIR-“”D!va”” Hair “Mana” (Type A)(Cat’s eye) Group Gift
-“”D!va”” more than 15000 group member celebration gift-
Top- Apple May Designs – Southern Bell Tops – Black

Corset- *OAL* Bette Corset XS Harvest- Gacha item
Pants – Elven pants red  25LTuesday item from *May’s Soul* 
Skin from Lara Hurley-Gervaise/Pale- Group Gift
[theSkinnery] Elongated Puki Ears elf
Slink Fingernails and flat Feet
PFC~Ottoman Quiver (black)

[Teri]otrope Forest Armor Armor in RED at FGC 
Frogstar – Marauder’s Circlet at FGC 
+ Mage Cloak Red + {aii} at FGC 
-DRD- GOT Dragonegg necklaces old gacha gift

Free Time

Eloen walked near the water, gazing its movements… Her mind was away, her heart beat sang a melody of freedom and joy.. She was free!



So she takes her tambourine and dances!

Her body is glowing with  the joy of liberation and her hair moves around her face creating a beautiful weave halo…


As she gets tired, she seats there…. Contemplating the sky..Until the sun goes down…


And her free day is over…


HAIR-little bones. Les Garçons at The Chapter Four
Skin from Essences – Siggy at TDR and Slink Appliers (not included)
Dress by Luas *LUAS SEPPIA* From the 30L Saturday Event 
Tambourine from [PPK] (with animation)
Bracers from a i s l i n g  . Fangarth in Gold at FGC
 Pure Poison -Fantasy Feet in Gold at FGC
Headband from  .:Glow Designs:. Free Group Gift
Leg Dagger Brown from Forge at FGC
Slink Fingernails and flat Feet


A Saturday walk

Hi all!

Today i wanted to show that even in a non related role-play events we can find something that will make a great addiction to your RP wardrobe!

Today at The Pier Market i fond an amazing set of long skirt and top from Loordes of London, La Boheme,


 I’m showing only the skirt that i paired with a “go-with-all” corset from ~The Library~  that i snugged at the We ❤ Role-Play, here shown in a classic black.This corset is so great and is you have only few days to grab it , at a reduced price! Don’t miss it!


I accessorize with an amazing chest chain from *May’s Soul*  and Axis amazing head chain and i’m ready for a stroll!



And the hair??!!

I’m so in love with this style! It’s called Aaliyah, here shown in  Blonde, a Gacha Goodie that you can still grab at FGC !!


Enjoy your weekend!!


Not mentioned above:
Skin from ::B&C:: Skins – Noeme – Fantasy – Natural – Scale at FGC 
Slink Fingernails and flat Feet




My heavenly Friday!

Today i created a very “Game of Thrones” Look.

I’m in love with long satin dresses and that ethereal yet sexy look that comes with them..

*{Junbug}* has tons of those dresses.. Heaven for a “dress-aholic” like me!

And  today there’s a special deal…..


 I wanted to be more daring and paired this Fifty Linden Friday deal from Junbug with the Aisling Fangarth Headdress!

This beautiful headdress has a very complete HUD and so many color options, so its easy to change styles and will match your outfit!

The skin is a 50L deal from Glam Affair and its a spotless skin!I have tons of them in my inv!

So peeps, go grab your Fifty Linden Friday deal’s! Check the list here

Loved the result!





Skin from Glam Affair – Coral – Jamaica – Lotus-from Fifty Linden Friday
Dress by *{Junbug}* Instant Crush in Crimson- from Fifty Linden Friday
Belt- . a i s l i n g . Qarth Lady -Belt- S
Headpiece-. a i s l i n g  . Fangarth Headdress ULTRA RARE at FGC
Slink Fingernails and flat Feet